Improved customer experience

  • Faster response times
  • Personal routing and contact handling
  • High-quality customer experience
  • No need to repeat information
  • Take up less of your customers’ time
  • Consistent experience across media channels
  • Improved First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Intelligent IVRs offer a great interface for a fast and effortless experience

Increased efficiency

  • No duplicate tasks Fewer clicksIncreased productivity
  • Faster self-service
  • Faster access to specialist resources
  • Faster access to information
  • Better data for coordination processes[1]
  • More customer feedback
  • Dynamic routing using the information you have in Salesforce® to deliver the call to the best person
  • Automatic screen pop-up makes resolving the first call easier than ever

Flexible implementation

  • Minimal effort required for implementation and maintenance
  • Agents can be anywhere
  • Uses multiple types of end-points
  • Complies with PCI DSS
  • No additional voice boards or equipment required to handle calls, e-mails, webchats, callbacks and generic objects
  • Faster resolution
  • Greater satisfaction

Direct dialing from Salesforce environment

HUCC: Vocalcom's new contact center solution which allows you to switch between all the different channels directly from Salesforce.

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Faster and more efficient

You can now serve customers directly and personally via all channels. Whether they come in via e-mail or app, you can switch to call mode directly from Salesforce without leaving the environment.

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Unique: Reports available immediately

HUCC has the unique feature that all data is recorded and stored in real time within the Salesforce cloud – which means you can generate reports instantly and adjust campaigns at any time. All data is recorded in real time, making sales and service information visible in a single database, on a single platform.

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Bruce Sattler

Want to integrate Salesforce into your communication channels?

Improve your customer contact today by integrating all your communication channels into Salesforce with the Vocalcom cloud contact center built for

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Direct customer feedbac

Thanks to the handy software, you can easily send surveys after each contact, which the customer can answer immediately. This provides up-to-date feedback that allows you to serve your customers even better.

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Reduce your call costs thanks to FCR

HUCC provides intelligent contact routing, so customers get to the right agents more quickly. This results in shorter call times and hence lower call charges.

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Contact Center Live offers total solutions for your contact centre environment. Making both inbound and outbound customer contact efficient, affordable and profitable. Enabling you to directly and visibly improve your customer service

— Rob Wegdam, Oprichter Contact Center Live


Faster processing time

The built-in self-service IVR application ensures that customers are immediately transferred to the right agent. This allows agents to perform their tasks even more efficiently and complete calls more quickly.

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Quick and easy implementation

Naturally, this Vocalcom Salesforce solution is as easy to implement as any other Salesforce or Vocalcom product. So agents can log in and do their jobs from anywhere. Within 30 minutes...

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