Call forwarding

Forward calls to external telephone numbers


Set unlimited filters


Comprehensive insight into call duration, conversion and statistics


Available anytime, anywhere

With Contact Center Live, you have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want.

Your telephony simply moves with you. You can log in or make calls from anywhere via the cloud. It is very simple to set up a call forwarding rule or call group, making you easy to reach!

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Voice over IP

Endless functionality

Have a call ring on one or more VoIP phones and then forward it to your mobile phone or a voicemail. You can extend your telephony with endless possibilities such as menus, opening times, call queues and links to existing systems.

You can make it as elaborate as you like. The benefits of VoIP are endless. And that makes the choice between all the different telephony providers a lot easier!

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Tom Sponselee

Want to be flexible and reachable?

Calling with VOIP is flexible – in a demo, we can demonstrate all the different options and scenarios for you. Based on your requirements, we can work together to determine a strategy to achieve the maximum return. Plus, using VOIP is a lot cheaper.

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Save on telephony costs

You pay subscription fees for the phone numbers you use and any extras, plus telecom usage charges.

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