Increase sales, make smarter decisions and build better relationships with customers.


Zoho Desk is the first context-aware helpdesk software in the industry that helps companies to focus on their customers.


Conduct your business communications through a secure and encrypted e-mail service. No advertising, privacy guaranteed.


Zoho Creator offers your business powerful workflow automation. Create apps for the internet and for mobile phones or customise ready-made apps.


Fast external support for customers via web-based, on-demand remote support sessions. Easily set up unattended, remote access and administration of computers. Completely safe and reliable.


Make the contact with your customers interactive by communicating with them through live chat sessions.


Stay in touch with customers and increase revenues

Entrust your sales to a globally trusted CRM. Zoho CRM offers a global network of more than 150,000 companies in 180 countries the ability to convert more leads, stay in touch with customers and increase sales. Transform your business with the world's favourite customer relationship management software.

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  • Connect with your customers, wherever they are. Via any channel: phone, e-mail, live chat, social media
  • Save more time by automating every aspect of your business and reduce time-consuming routine tasks
  • Streamline your lead process and make the most of every incoming lead
  • Obtain powerful real-time reports and insights and take smarter business decisions
  • Track your most important KPIs including trends and forecasts
  • Leverage AI communication assistant for smarter sales. Receive advanced lead and deal predictions from Zia
  • Receive intelligent alerts, task reminders and suggestions for the best times to contact your leads, based on your previous successful interactions

Take a thorough approach

Get to the heart of your customer service – from increasing employee productivity and sifting through performance metrics to coordinating with other apps you use.

  • Close tickets. Create satisfaction with the best tools for assisting customers while automating common tasks that otherwise take up valuable time.
  • Don't improvise. Improve! Identify the right trends and patterns in your team's efforts. Make improvements and stimulate performance.
  • One company. One team. Get different departments working together and offer customers a truly uniform customer service experience.
  • Convenience is the key. Make it easy for your business and for your customers to contact you via multiple channels, such as e-mail, phone, live chat, social media and more.
  • Self-service is the best form of help. Empower customers to find answers to questions themselves and enable them to help their colleagues too.
  • Tailor your helpdesk to your business and wishes by customising it yourself and integrating it with other applications.
  • Use the Zoho Desk app for iOS and Android. Give employees access to ZohoDesk at any time, from any location.
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Unparalleled security and privacy

Zoho Mail's data centers boast first-class security and monitoring, with an uptime of 99.9%. Your data is encrypted both at rest and end-to-end, and is also protected by means of S/MIME message encryption.

  • Stay professional with your own company domain and set up custom e-mail addresses. Unique and professional e-mail addresses give your business the authentication and visibility it deserves.
  • Take advantage of Zoho Mail's powerful control panel. Find and implement all the settings, configurations and customisation options. Add users, manage group accounts, set policies to control content and more.
  • E-mail retention and e-Discovery. Retain e-mails within your organisation for a set period of time in order to comply with company standards and assure a strong legal position. e-Discovery helps you quickly find retained e-mails.
  • Manage your communications even when you are away from your desk. Our own mobile apps for Mail, Mail Admin and Streams make it easy to stay in touch on the go.
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Want to integrate ZOHO into your communication channels?

Request a demo and discover the unique and powerful CRM software package ZOHO. A fully customisable CRM solution for growing companies and enterprises that will change the way you work in the long run.

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Met Zoho Creator de digitale wereld omarmen

Laat Zoho Creator u helpen de digitale wereld te omarmen. Automatiseer alledaagse taken en stroomlijn gegevensbeheer. Ontdoe u van vervelend werk en richt u op de ontwikkeling van uw bedrijf.

  • Navigeer door de App Deck met meer dan 50 kant-en-klare bedrijf apps. Pas deze eventueel aan naar uw eigen wensen. Voor elke aspect van uw bedrijf van logistiek tot verkoop en distributie hebben we een passende app oplossing.
  • Ontwikkel zelf apps met de gebruiksvriendelijke interface. Formulieren en dashboards maakt u eenvoudig door te slepen en neer te zetten, terwijl u met de krachtige scripttaal Deluge verfijnde bedrijf workflows kun toevoegen. Elke app is standaard geschikt voor mobiele platformen.
  • Integreer uw favoriete apps en deel gegevens met andere Zoho-diensten of andere leveranciers zoals Zapier, PayPal en meer.
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Direct remote support, unattended, remote access

Whether you want to remotely access your customers' desktops, share your screen or administrate unattended computers, this is the solution for you. Get started today with one of the most secure, reliable and affordable remote support software products available.

Connect remotely. Save time and money with on-demand support without installing software at your customer's site. Set up unmanaged, remote access for computers both inside and outside your own network environment. Quickly send updates or patches or any type of file to your customer during the session. You can also receive files at the same time. Download your customer widget and place it on your website or blog.

  • Navigate through the App Deck with over 50 ready-to-use business apps. Tailor it to your own wishes as required. We have a suitable solution for every aspect of your business, from logistics to sales and distribution.
  • Develop your own apps with the user-friendly interface. You can easily create forms and dashboards thanks to drag-and-drop functionality, while the powerful Deluge scripting language lets you add sophisticated business workflows. All apps are suitable for mobile platforms as standard.
  • Integrate your favourite apps and share data with other Zoho services or other vendors like Zapier, PayPal and more
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The solution for business intelligence, reporting and analysis

Discover hidden insights in your unprocessed data by turning massive amounts of data into usable reports and dashboards. Obtain and combine data from multiple sources. Combine them into multifunctional reports and dashboards across all departments. Make visual analyses or ask your smart assistant Zia and receive useful answers in the form of reports and KPI widgets. Zia is based not only on AI but also on ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (natural language processing) technologies.

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Contact Center Live offers total solutions for your contact centre environment. Making both inbound and outbound customer contact efficient, affordable and profitable. Enabling you to directly and visibly improve your customer service

— Rob Wegdam, Oprichter Contact Center Live